NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Two new turfgrass varieties, Geo Zoysia and HGT Bluegrass, were selected to frame the landscape for the 2013 Southern Living Idea House in Nashville, Tenn. 

The two varieties feature prominently in the outdoor landscape for the newly constructed Southern farmhouse on the grounds of Fontenel Mansion, the former home of country singer Barbara Mandrell. Geo Zoysia is a warm-season turf variety meaning is goes dormant in the winter while HGT Bluegrass is a cool-season type. Since Nashville lies in the transition zone area of the country and gets a range of climactic variances, both grasses are able to thrive when maintained properly. 

Tri-Turf Sod Farms in Paris, Tenn., donated the HGT, which stands for Healthy Grass Technology. It was developed by international seed company Barenbrug and has demonstrated unmatched toughness and disease resistance. The Geo Zoysia was donated by Beck’s Turf in Tuskegee, Ala. Geo features outstanding shade and wear tolerance. Its fine-bladed appearance is a contrast to the wider-bladed look of the bluegrass. Both grasses are improved varieties that offer advantages to other common grasses on the market. 
Both grasses are available throughout Tennessee and much of the United States including Hawaii.  Visit for the nearest retailer.