PHILADELPHIA – Know your crown vetch from your cudweed? Pusley from purslane? Sign up for a free "Weed ID" Poster to learn how to identify and control 49 of North America’s worst weeds, while supplies last. To receive the poster, follow these steps:

‡  Visit the Promotions Page on the FMC Professional Solutions web site;

‡  Click for the Weed ID poster sign-up page and enter information; and

‡  Follow @FMCturf on Twitter (you will be automatically directed to Twitter after sign-up). If you don’t have a Twitter handle, sign up today at

On the FMC site, also find other important tools:

‡ for turf news and tips;

‡  FMC Herbicide Solutions Finder, which identifies the right herbicide for you by weed, turf type and turf species;

‡  FMC Label Change Notification Service; and

‡  FMC EZ Learn Modules, interactive overviews of all FMC products.

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