Traditionally lawn and landscape contractors are tasked with providing an estimate for prospective customers before business is awarded to them. The nuts and bolts of a proposal are comprised of a few vital components, which are then subject to basic math formulas.

At a minimum, a contractor must measure the property, create a scope of work based on requested services and estimate labor, equipment and materials required to fulfill the requests. This results in a huge allocation of resources with no guarantee of a sale.

Online technologies like Go iLawn have mobilized the industry and changed the way contractors estimate.

Go iLawn is a web-based measuring service that was introduced to the marketplace in 2009. The website offers high-resolution property photos, measuring tools and has recently added proposal generation capabilities. Contractors can view and measure properties on any internet connected computer and with a few mouse clicks, they can produce estimates and professional proposal documents.

“During my 30 years as a landscape contractor, I was always looking for superior ways to service the customer. Fast, easy and creative were always part of the equation,” says Mike Rorie, former President of GroundMasters and CEO of GIS Dynamics, parent company of Go iLawn. “Using an online measuring service with an integrated estimating tool, like the one Go ILawn offers, checks all the boxes for me.”

Go iLawn released Snow Proposal Builder in June 2011. Snow Proposal Builder allows contractors to assign equipment, production rates for labor, materials and property photos to measurements in order to produce proposals for snow and ice removal.

Lawn Proposal Builder, a sister product to Snow Proposal Builder, is scheduled for a mid-October release. It will provide estimate generating tools for lawn mowing, mulching, trimming and chemical application proposals as well as set up a maintenance schedule.

“Opportunities are for opportunists and the job of the leader is to find these throughout the business,” Rorie said. “Staying in line with the rest of the pack isn’t going to provide any opportunity to you or your organization. Implementing efficiencies like Go iLawn and proposal builder is where opportunities knock. This is how you get ahead.”

GIS Dynamics, parent company to Go iLawn, Go iSnow and Go iPave, offers Software as a Service to contractors.