PHILADELPHIA, Pa. – With the arrival of Earth Day right around the corner on April 22, Holganix looks back at the Earth Day pledge they made four years ago. 

When Holganix officially launched the company in 2010, the team pledged to eliminate 100 million pounds of nitrates, 25 million pounds of phosphates and 100 million ounces of concentrated pesticides from the environment by Earth Day 2016. That commitment, called their Greater Green Goal, is two short years from becoming a reality, and the team is excited with the progress they’ve made thus far.

To date, Holganix has eliminated 9,253,560 pounds of nitrates; 2,313,389 pounds of phosphates; and 8,675,253 ounces of concentrated pesticides.  
Holganix allows users of traditional lawn care inputs to drastically reduce the amount of fertilizers and pesticides they use while promoting plant health care and strong root systems. The company is on track of achieving its goal, as each 4.5 gallon container of product helps reduce, on average, 80 pounds of nitrates, 20 pounds of phosphates and 75 ounces of concentrated pesticides.

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