It’s no secret that video marketing is a rising marketing trend today. Just last week it was announced Yahoo is in talks to purchase RayV to compete with YouTube. So, we sat down with Dr. Marc Kossmann, The Video Marketing Doctor to give us some hints on why video is so effective and best practices to create your video.  

There is less competition amongst tagged keyword video content as opposed to text content, so by tagging video keywords you get ranked higher in search – thus getting you found by local customers that need your service.

Through video, customers get to know, like and trust you before you even come through the door. This shortens the sales cycle. Video educates the consumer about options, amount of labor, training, time, tools, etc. needed for the job to be done well.

5 Things to Incorporate in Your Video Strategy:  

  1. Look at your clients’ common problems/how-to-videos during various seasons. Example: In the spring, create a video on the pros and cons for what type of mulch to get; or in the fall, how deep to plant spring bulbs.  
  2. Create branded videos that you tag with key search terms for those common problems you’ve identified. If you are not sure what terms to look for, do a search on YouTube and see what topics are viewed most often. Don’t worry if there are multiple videos on a hot topic; if you create multiple videos on the same topic, but you tag it with relevant keywords, you will show up because you are a fresh source of said content.
  3. Tag your videos with both topic and category keywords, as well as local keywords. This way Google will display if someone types in something like “Landscaper in ‘Blanktown’.” Remember, most of your competition is not creating multiple videos, so you get an instant leg up by doing so.
  4. Always put a call to action into the video so that people will call you or get on your email list, and you can then convert them into leads. The content in the video should always give the homeowner some truly valuable content. So much so that they can almost do it themselves. The trick is to show them how to begin to do the 101 version of the project, but then allow them to see the intensity, in-tool acquisition, time and skill-set needed to complete a quality project. For example, if you are demonstrating how deep to plant bulbs, you may want to put in a call to action such as, “So now that you are one step closer to a beautiful summer garden, download our Master Garden Designer Plant Planner Guide.” Then put that link as the very first thing in the description section when you upload your video to YouTube.
  5. Upload your video to main video hosting sites, as well as your other social media platforms. YouTube is the main one, of course, but you can also upload to Vimeo, Metacafe, Dailymotion and more.

Creating a great video doesn’t have to be an expensive production. Using your phone’s camera is fine, as long as you are sharing information that is of true benefit to your clients.

This is a great opportunity to really showcase some of the amazing projects you can sell to your clients, and to show the clients beforehand that you not only have the ability and knowledge to complete the project of their dreams, but you are also a great company to work with. Clients will see this because you have already showcased your personality, knowledge and skill-set right in your video. Seeing your video makes it that much easier for clients to purchase from you, and it takes away the fear that you are not who you say you are.  

As mentioned above, video is not only increasingly becoming the way potential clients are preferring to view content, it is also a great opportunity to get you found online, establish trust, showcase credibility and allow potential clients to see the quality of your work. Let us know how video marketing is working for you!

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