SAN MARCOS, Calif. – The latest Hunter innovation is a free app designed to help system owners reduce water consumption, save money, and promote healthy local environments. It’s called the Hunter Water Savings Calculator, and it’s available exclusively on the Hunter Industries website.

"Everyone at Hunter is really excited about this new way of promoting the financial and sustainable benefits of our water efficient products," said project leader Phil Robisch. "We expect this to be a huge benefit to homeowners, business owners and irrigation professionals alike."

This one-of-a-kind interactive tool features five individual water use calculators that show the clear financial and sustainable advantages of MP Rotators, Solar Sync sensors, Check Valves and pressure-regulated spray bodies. To utilize it, all a user has to do is open it up, enter some general information about the landscape and water cost in question, and hit the "calculate" button. The calculator then gives a reliable estimate of how much water and money can be saved if the latest and most conservation-conscious Hunter products are installed.

The app is optimized for the iPad, and compatible with all kinds of personal computers and Web browsers. Video tutorials that introduce and explain the calculators are also available on the Hunter website.

To access or learn more about the Hunter Water Savings Calculator, visit