The Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute (ICPI) has launched a new accreditation program for paver installation companies. 

The Accredited Paver Installation Company (APIC) program recognizes companies that meet installation best practices and provides promotional opportunities on their commitment to build to industry-established guidelines. 

The APIC program fulfills an industry need to highlight companies that implement quality construction and craftsmanship as well as follow sound business practices. The program provides third-party credibility by a peer association by recognizing skills, knowledge and conformance to industry best practices. Accredited companies receive marketing support from ICPI to design professionals, commercial and residential project owners.

To become accredited, paver installation companies must adhere to installation guidelines recommended by ICPI, ensure company staff maintains knowledge of current best practices and technology, support the industry and conduct business in a professional manner. 

The program includes a conformance to a strict set of requirements:

  • The owner/principal or managing employee of the company must hold a current ICPI certified installer certification;
  • An ICPI certified installer must be present on every job site and involved in each step of the project; 
  • A company safety program must be in place;  
  • Applicable business license and insurance policies must be current at all times;
  • Companies pledge to uphold the APIC Code of Conduct to help increase public and industry confidence in the integrity and service; and
  • Confirm that every project follows ICPI installation guidelines by completing a construction task list.  

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