J.R. Simplot Company Acquires Florikote Technology

Source: www.TurfMagazine.com

The J. R. Simplot Company has purchased the patented Florikote technology from Florikan, a specialist in polymer-coated fertilizer technologies. The two companies will jointly promote and distribute this new controlled-release fertilizer in the worldwide turf, ornamental and specialty agriculture markets.

The technology is a recently developed and patented polymer-coated fertilizer invented by Florikan with assistance from the NASA-funded Space Alliance Technology Outreach Program. Florikote utilizes next-generation polymers and manufacturing processes that enable the encapsulation of unique fertilizer materials that previously have not been available commercially. 

Simplot will market the technology exclusively to customers in the western U.S and internationally, while Florikan will exclusively market Florikote in its core horticultural markets in the eastern U.S. and all markets in Florida. Together, the companies will make Florikote available to all markets coast-to-coast and worldwide.