SAVANNAH, Ga. – JCB’s Tier 4 Final engine strategy builds on the success of the highly efficient JCB Ecomax T4i engine that has been in use in most JCB machines. Engines over 75 hp meet stringent Tier 4 Final emissions legislation by using a compact, highly efficient SCR system for NOx reduction, while engines less than 74 hp require no after-treatment to meet the new regulations by using innovative, efficient combustion technology to deal with emissions within the engine combustion chamber.

With JCB’s Tier 4 Final solution for engines over 75 hp there will be:

  • Up to a 5% fuel efficiency improvement
  • Easy installation into existing machinery
  • A compact ‘one can’ SCR exhaust solution
  • The ability for JCB dealers to de-emissionize for the used equipment market outside the USA.

JCB’s recalibration of the Ecomax engine achieves the required engine out emissions requirement and results in a further 5% fuel savings. A compact selective catalytic reduction (SCR) unit with a Urea-based additive will be used on engines above 75 hp and will be incorporated into a single exhaust muffler, in many cases replacing the existing exhaust. This provides a ‘one can’ solution, delivering the same compact overall dimensions for machine designers.

The SCR system will use just a 2-3% ratio of Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) to fuel, as the engine is already providing exceptionally clean exhaust gases. JCB has engineered a space-efficient mixing system for the SCR that offers a reduced exhaust flow distance between the engine and the catalyst. This SCR solution has been specifically designed for off-highway use and has been thoroughly tested over many hours of use on real sites.

With this compact system, the Ecomax T4F engine delivers an engine package that, unlike many competitors, can be installed in existing machinery without bulky alterations to bodywork. This ensures that JCB machines retain their excellent all-round visibility and ease of serviceability. As with all Tier 4 Final engines, low-ash lubricating oils will be required, along with a DEF filter. However there will be no additional intrusive maintenance required on the JCB Ecomax engine, including no costly cleaning or replacement of exhaust filters.

As with the Stage IIIB/Tier 4 Interim Ecomax engine, it will be possible to de-emissionize the Tier 4 Final range, to allow machines to be re-sold in less regulated territories. All JCB dealers worldwide will have the technology to remove the SCR kit, reduce the fuel injection pressures and recalibrate the engine control system to de-emissionize the Ecomax engines, changes which have to be made outside of the USA to comply with EPA regulations. A lubricity dosing filter may be required in some countries depending on the quality of local fuel.