Each year, the Lawns of Wisconsin Network (LaWN) board has the difficult, albeit rewarding, task of sorting through the list of candidates submitted by their membership for the honor of LaWN’s "Person of the Year".

The candidates submitted are members of the green industry that through their efforts have demonstrated an outstanding ability to promote professionalism and progress in the lawn care industry. This past year, there was one candidate that was a clear choice for the award. In January, the board of LaWN was privileged to present its "2011 Person of the Year" award to Dr. Doug Soldat at the Mid-AM in Chicago.

Soldat is an assistant professor in the department of soil science at the University of Wisconsin at Madison. He has a B.S. and a M.S. degree in soil science from the University of Wisconsin – Madison as well as his Ph. D. in horticulture from Cornell University.

It was the board’s unanimous feeling that Doug’s outstanding research on turf’s benefits in the urban environment and his test trails on the best fertility methods for quality turf grass made him an easy choice for the award. Besides his extensive work with graduate students, Doug is always willing to help with answers to questions from our industry and has always shown a keen ability to communicate well about turf grass to the general public.

We congratulate Doug for his fine efforts and thank him for helping the lawn care industry move forward.