MT. LAUREL, N.J. – Macro-Sorb Technologies LLC introduces its sister company, SMS Additive Solutions LLC, a New Jersey-based company offering a wide variety of soil surfactants, spray adjuvants and tank-mix additives. Both Macro-Sorb and SMS Additive Solutions are owned by Lance Seeton, who for 16 years owned and operated Seeton Turf Warehouse, an independent mid-Atlantic turf and ornamental distributor. Seeton formed Macro-Sorb last year when he acquired the former Nutramax Agriculture, Inc. portfolio of products. Macro-Sorb will also roll out a new logo for the company this year. The company reaffirmed that it has no plans to alter any of the current formulations of its existing products. Macro-Sorb and SMS Additive Solutions will be increasingly involved in working together to offer comprehensive product offerings to the turf industry. Backed by extensive research, SMS surfactants offer increased irrigation efficiency, less runoff, fewer localized dry spots, and resilient, playable turf. Both Macro-Sorb and SMS Additive Solutions products are available through established independent distribution channels. In addition, Seeton is expanding distribution channels for both companies throughout the country. Further product research is currently underway and new turf solutions now in the pipeline will be available in the near future.