Maine Bills Look to Reduce or Remove Ethanol from Gas


A pair of bills introduced by state Rep. Jeff Timberlake, R-Turner, could have a significant impact on what goes into the gas tank of your car, lawnmower or snowblower.

One of the bills would cut the percentage of corn-derived ethanol in Maine gasoline from 10 percent to 5 percent. The other would allow the state to form a coalition with other New England states to create an ethanol-free gasoline market for Canadian petroleum-vendor Irving.

Timberlake said Irving has offered to deliver ethanol-free gasoline to customers in New England if it has a minimum of three states willing to eliminate ethanol from the gas supply. New Hampshire has passed similar legislation, Timberlake said.

He suspects that bill would be amended so gas stations would have the choice of offering either product, with or without ethanol.

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