Mow for America Erupts During Government Shutdown


Mow for America, a grassroots organization, has announced the formation of a movement to help clean up the grounds of federal buildings and parks. They have formed a movement that is spreading quickly with events organized in Washington, D.C., Hawaii, Colorado and Utah. Their first event will be at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii.

Mow for America is mobilizing and taking action to help ensure buildings are taken care of during the government shutdown.

The group was inspired by the one-man militia, or lawnmower guy, Chris Cox, who showed up at the Lincoln Memorial on Oct. 10 to mow the lawn. That is when Cox captured the hearts of the country and Mow for America was born.

In addition to organizing mow-ins, the organization designed T-shirts to pay homage to the lawnmower guy. The T-shirts say "Mow for America" and can be ordered with a state flag across the back right shoulder. Cox requested a T-shirt from the group.

To join the movement, become an organizer, join an event or purchase T-shirts, visit or, or contact Paul Wilson at [email protected].

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