Miami, FL. – The National Hispanic Landscape Alliance (NHLA), the trade association for the professional development of Hispanics in the U.S. landscape industry, will be hosting its Train the Trainer sessions on the West Coast this month. The two and a half day educational program will take place from August 23-26, 2015 at the Retreat and Conference Center Mary & Joseph in Rancho Palos Verdes, California.

The program is designed to empower landscape industry professionals, from foremen to branch managers, with the skills needed to effectively advance the self-awareness and technical knowledge of coworkers.

“The NHLA is committed to developing Hispanic American leaders across the nation. Train the Trainer bridges the cultural gap by increasing awareness and understanding, and prepares attendees to assume greater responsibilities as trainers and leaders. It is such a special experience to witness the growth of those participating and knowing that our efforts are helping them not only gain new skills, but also acquire a different and more positive perception of themselves and the self-confidence to take their careers to the next level,” said Ralph Egües, executive director of the NHLA.

Among the topics covered are: (1) how to assess the need for training, (2) how to develop training to meet specific needs, (3) how to deliver training most effectively to landscape industry workers, (4) how to determine if learning is taking place during the training, and (5) how to measure the impact of training on operations.

Denison Landscaping Inc., a family-owned and operated full service landscape company based in Maryland, had two Denison employees attend the NHLA’s Train the Trainer program in Baltimore, MD this past February.

“We chose two of our top Hispanic foremen that we felt had the most to gain from this training. We wanted them to, first of all, gain confidence in themselves and their abilities to influence others within their group,” said Josh Denison, human resources and operations manager at Denison Landscaping, Inc. “The ability of an energized and outspoken, positive person in the field that wants to facilitate change and improve not only themselves but also the organization is invaluable.”

The program has proven successful in encouraging the upward mobility of Hispanic Americans in the landscape industry, providing them with materials and educational lessons for their personal and professional growth. Robert Garcia, of Heaviland Enterprises in Vista, CA serves as a great example of one transformed by the Train the Trainer experience.  Garcia said the program helped him climb the ladder from irrigation technician to account manager.

“After applying all of the techniques that I learned at Train the Trainer in my everyday tasks, my efficiency and relationships grew stronger, making me more noticeable to the company and resulting in a promotion to Division Manager after less than two years working for Heaviland Landscape Management,” Garcia said. “This kind of leadership training is imperative for Hispanic employees that have the potential to lead in our industry and I hope that my story can motivate others to learn new skills and also grow professionally.”

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