Nissan Forklift of Michigan Recognized for Service Excellence


Nissan Forklift Corporation recognizes ongoing achievements of Nissan Forklift of Michigan in its Service Excellence Program (SEP).

Nissan Forklift of Michigan, located in Grand Rapids, was established in 2004 as a division of Morrison Industrial Equipment, a family-owned industrial equipment company with more than 60 years of experience in the forklift industry. In its eight years of operation, the company has achieved lofty sales and service goals gaining recognition in the Nissan Forklift Corporation’s SEP in 2010 by winning the Beginner’s SEP award, and again in 2011 by winning the Gold SEP award. It has also achieved a 76 percent on-time completion rate in its service department in 2010 and improved the on-time service completion rate to 94 percent in 2011, earning the gold-level SEP award.

To celebrate these awards, Nissan Forklift of Michigan held a banquet for their entire team to recognize their achievements. Along with the overall recognition of excellence through the SEP, both of the dealership’s sales representatives have been recognized with Rookie of the Year awards and the dealership’s service department earned honors in the corporation’s annual Pack for the Sun event.

Nissan Forklift’s SEP was established in 1995, and has an ongoing mission to provide a comprehensive program for its dealer service network based on implementation of best-in-class principles covering technical and customer service practices. Through SEP, Nissan Forklift recognizes those dealers who cultivate an environment for delivering a truly exceptional customer experience, and ultimately achieve a competitive advantage in the markets they serve.

Nissan Forklift dealerships that participate in the Service Excellence Program meet standards across seven main categories, including business planning, employee competence and customer satisfaction. The standards in each area result in Nissan Forklift dealerships that provide more efficient work order processing and billing, well-trained and certified technicians as well as overall quality products and services for their customers. The Beginner level was added to Nissan Forklift’s SEP as an entry-level category in 2010; first time SEP participants received recognition for financial performance, employee competency, operational success and customer satisfaction.

Photo caption: Nissan Forklift of Michigan Service Team