MARLBOROUGH, Mass. – Noon Turf Care is proud to announce the hiring of Matthew Cerrone as their new corporate business analyst. 

Cerrone has nearly nine years of experience in analyzing business requirements, and implementing solutions. After a lengthy recruiting and interviewing process, he was selected as the most qualified professional for the job. His new position entails analyzing all of the business and operations at Noon Turf Care so the data can then be turned into information for all of Noon’s business managers and their divisions. He will be working closely with Noon Turf Care’s executive team to better streamline business information across all channels of the company.

Prior to joining Noon Turf Care Cerrone worked for a global company that analyzed businesses and mutual funds. His experience will help Noon continue to build better business and operations metrics throughout their entire company. Cerrone is a 2001 graduate from Boston College’s Carole school of management with Cum Laude honors.