HUDSON, Ma. – Noon Turf Care’s team of branch and corporate managers hosted its 3rd annual cross-training event for all of their team members. Cross-training is a concept in which Noon Turf Care places team members from one department to another department within the company for training to help teach team members of all aspects and segments of the lawn care business and industry.

For example, field technicians will shadow the sales and inside service department to get a better understanding of how the company works internally. By doing so they gain intrinsic knowledge on each and every department at Noon Turf Care.  

This cross-training and education then allows inside sales and service representative to ride in the truck of a field technician for a week allowing them to gain a better sense of how Noon Turf Care treats their customer’s lawns and services their issues.  

"This is just another example of how Noon Turf Care thinks outside of the box in our industry.  Spring Cross Training not only educates and trains team members in other areas outside of their scope of expertise but it also helps build camaraderie so that in season we are all working towards the same mission and goal with a better understanding of our fellow colleagues’ job roles," says John Guariano, general manager of inside service at Noon Turf Care.

The cross training even was a huge success this year and Noon Turf Care is already preparing for their mid season event this July.

No Brothers Christopher Noon and Matthew Noon started the company in 2001, which now serves more than 8,000 customers.