ODOC Allows Backflow Certification for Ohio Contractors

Source: www.TurfMagazine.com

COLUMBUS, Ohio – The latest regulatory news for Ohio’s green industry focuses on contractors providing lawn irrigation services. A change from the Ohio Department of Commerce raises the level of service contractors can provide their clients. After seven years of dialogue, ODOC is allowing limited backflow certification for irrigation contractors.

Green industry contractors, upon completion of the certification process, can now provide backflow testing for lawn irrigation systems. 

To become certified, contractors must:

  • file an application with the Ohio Department of Commerce;
  • sign a codicil specifiying they will adhere to only providing backflow testing for lawn irrigation systems;
  • submit a $100 application and testing fee;
  • successfully complete a three-day state-approved backflow certification course;
  • pass the backflow certification exam;
  • and submit a $75 "three-year certification fee" to the Ohio Department of Commerce.

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