PORTLAND, Ore. – Bob Grover, president Pacific Landscape Management, based here, shared the following about upgrading his company’s mower fleet in a recent company enewsletter:

As a part of our ongoing focus on sustainability, we have monitored the newly developing alternatives to traditional fuel for our equipment. Propane has developed into a good alternative as it produces less harmful emission and is less expensive than unleaded, offsetting the increasing cost of conventional unleaded fuel. We experimented with propane in 2012 and found it successful. In 2013, we converted all our large riding mowers to propane. This year we have converted our midsize stand on mowers to propane and now over half or our mowing fleet is propane. As the technology continues to develop and is integrated to even the smaller hand mowers, we plan to continue our conversion.
John Deere has assisted us with this conversion through the adoption of their new propane equipped models. They also helped set us up with local propane suppliers through their national relationships that we were able to leverage to set up on-site propane fueling stations at each of our locations.
In addition, John Deere introduced us to their new Mulch-On-Demand mower deck technology that allows us to convert from bagging to mulching in the field with a simple lever. We have been able to increase our mulching, another sustainability and cost savings tool."