LOUISVILLE, Ky. – The Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) showcased its one-fuel solution for both dealers and landscape contractors in at GIE+EXPO. This year’s GIE+EXPO marked a turning point, as more landscape contractors than ever have turned to propane-fueled equipment to cut costs and reduce emissions, according to Jeremy Wishart, senior programs manager at PERC. (Jeremy Wishart, pictured right)

"Fluctuating gasoline and diesel prices and issues with ethanol blends are pushing contractors to learn more about propane," Wishart said. "With an ever-increasing array of proven equipment to choose from, transitioning to an all-propane fleet has never made more sense. Propane is a versatile solution that helps contractors not only mow green, but save green."

On GIE’s Dealer Day, Oct. 23, PERC equipped dealers with the tools they need to add propane equipment to their business model. Dealers signed up to receive PERC’s Dealer Toolkit containing sales tips and advice on how to make money and attract new customers with propane.

The following 2 days andscape professionals learned how propane can become a one-fuel solution for their entire fleet and gain key insights into growing their business and marketing the benefits of the clean alternative fuel to their current and potential customers. Contractors will also have the chance to win a propane-powered portable generator.

PERC’s GIE booth displayed six propane-fueled mowers and Generac’s LP3250 and LP5500 propane-fueled portable generators that provides on-site power to a variety of landscape tools. A Ford F-550 pickup truck with a Roush CleanTech liquid propane autogas fuel system rounded out the equipment in the booth. PERC representatives and industry experts answered questions and shared propane success stories.

In addition to equipment and propane experts, the PERC booth featured the Path to Propane exhibit and Wall of Propane Fame. The Path to Propane took visitors through a series of displays demonstrating how propane offers an easy, affordable, clean, and American-made solution. The Wall of Propane Fame featured testimonials from successful dealers and contractors. 

For more information about PERC, visit www.poweredbypropane.org.  

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