The Professional Landcare Network has awarded two companies with its annual Sustainable Company Award.

Each year, PLANET presents the Sustainable Company Award to businesses that strive to protect and conserve resources, reduce waste, and prevent pollution, and that promote an ethic of sustainability within their workplace. This year’s recipients are Precision Landscape Management of Dallas, Texas, and Sebert Landscaping, Inc. of Bartlett, Ill.

Precision Landscape Management practices recycling of plastic pots and wooden pallets, promotes water saving irrigation practices to clients, focuses on organic plant care, encourages clients to use native and non-invasive plant species, and composts all organic waste, including leaves, lawn clippings, brush, etc. In the office, the company provides recycling containers, and encourages double-sided copying, the use of recycled paper, and think before you print” paper conservation. The office has energy-efficient windows, zone heating and motion sensor lights.

Sebert Landscaping’s corporate headquarters, completed in 2010, is on track to be LEED Gold certified. The facility includes a green roof, along with a new solar-paneled 15,000-square-foot garage. Employees are provided with bike racks and preferred parking is available for carpool and low-emission vehicles. Recycling is available throughout the headquarters. Landscape clients receive counseling on water saving irrigation systems and water saving methods, use of native plants, and converting annual beds to perennials. Sebert composts leaves, grass clippings, etc., and recycles motor oils, fuels and lubricants. It is also converting to propane mowers.