By Lori DeRoche   When you were a kid, didn’t it seem much easier to make friends and meet new people? You had opportunities to make new friends on the playground, in school and during organized sports leagues. As we grow up we have "acquaintances" or "work friends", but we make fewer true friends. Our true friends are the ones we made on the playground or the friendships built in college. 

Today I challenge you to go back to the playground and make long lasting friendships that will help grow your business. The playground may be a local networking group, your children’s sporting events, adult sports leagues and/or small business conventions. Get out of your comfort zone and build relationships with business people around you that can help you meet the right people to increase revenues. 

The majority of people will do business with people they trust and feel comfortable with.  Building new friendships within a circle of influence can help spread the word to others who are in need of your service. Don’t be disingenuous. Be open. Be sincere. Building relationships with the sole purpose with increasing revenues will become apparent pretty soon. Instead, approach relationships honestly and with the goal of growing yourself as a person. Your business will grow along with you.