Spectrum Technologies, Inc. has been honored with the prestigious AE50 Gold Award from the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE). The AE50 awards recognize leadership in technological innovation, with the Gold Award highlighting the best of the best among new products. A leading manufacturer of weather stations, data loggers and hand-held measurement devices, Spectrum was recently recognized as a Gold Award winner for the FieldScout GreenIndex+.

The GreenIndex+ provides a way to manage the nitrogen needs of crops. Taking advantage of the latest advancements in technology, the GreenIndex+ App conveniently captures and processes images from a smartphone and instantly computes the DGCI (Dark Green Color Index) of plant leaves. By offering a digital image analysis of the leaves, the GreenIndex+ provides growers with an accurate, low-cost method for managing in-season fertility, and helps deliver improved yield, lower nitrogen costs, and increase profits. All data is logged and geo-referenced, and can be emailed to a personal computer for further analysis.

The esteemed AE50 Gold Award recognizes the most outstanding technologies within the top 50 innovative new products produced throughout the world for the agricultural, food, and biological systems industries.  Recipients of the award have developed technologies that are expected to save producers time, costs and labor while improving user safety.  Spectrum’s president & CEO, Mike Thurow, along with Mike Dunning, director of technology, were on hand to receive the award the ASABE conference.