PLAINFIELD, Ill.- Spring-Green Lawn Care, headquartered here, offers a mosquito control service that will keep mosquitoes away, the lawn care franchise company shared in a recent news release.With more than 170 species of mosquitoes in the United States, it can be hard to maintain a mosquito-free yard. And with all of the holidays in the summer, including Fourth of July and Labor Day, a fun evening can quickly turn into an unpleasant swatfest. Some methods of mosquito control, such as using bug sprays and lighting candles, may only last a few hours. Spring-Green’s method, however, treats the plant life around the perimeter of a yard to create a long-lasting barrier helping to control mosquitoes and prevent their return for up to a month. “Mosquitoes are a fact of life,” said Harold Enger, director of education. “Spraying for them is a great way to reduce their populations so that you can enjoy your outdoor environment, even at dusk when mosquitoes are most active. Mosquitoes need standing, still water to breed.” Harold offers a few tips to help minimize mosquitoes: “Look for spots where water collects like flower pot saucers, watering cans and even rain gutters. Empty the saucers when full and change the water in watering cans every other day.” Rick Hoover, franchise owner in Yorkville, Illinois, believes the mosquito control service is invaluable in any environment where mosquitoes can thrive.