Houzz is an online business directory and social site. It is the largest home remodeling online website/app. Consumers use its business directory to research, find and connect to local contractors to help them with home/outdoor design projects. A landscape design professional we interviewed this past September told us that he was generating 10 to 15 quality leads per month just by having a presence on Houzz.

So why Houzz?

Houzz attracts affluent users (90 percent are homeowners and 72 percent are ages 25 to 54.) It is the perfect network for landscape design professionals as your potential clients are there specifically to be inspired with beautiful outdoor design, and to find professionals that can help them make their landscaping vision a reality.

5 Strategies to Optimize Your Houzz Profile for More Leads

1. Review: Got happy customers? Ask them for a review! In a recent survey conducted by Houzz of over 100,000 respondents, 81 percent cited positive reviews as "very important "in their decision-making process when hiring a professional to design and complete their home projects. Click here for the survey. 

2. Ideabooks:  Make your ideabooks public and let clients get a good sense of your style and the work you can do. It doesn’t even need to be your own work, these are "idea" books for inspiration – design elements that can give your customers ideas for their own space. Come up with style ideas for a specific space using keywords. Examples: Luxurious Outdoor Kitchens or Perennial Garden Oasis.

Follow and add photos of the work of your strategic professional partners: These might include landscape architects, stone masons and interior designers. Ask those same strategic partners to include your project photos in their ideabooks.

3. Project photos: Regularly freshen your profile with new photography to showcase the beautiful work you do. Make sure your photos are high-quality and high-resolution photos at least 1,000 pixels wide. Use keywords in the title and use strong descriptions of the photos. Example: "Rustic Flagstone Patio in Malvern, Pa."  Or "Eco-Friendly Sustainable Landscape Design". Create descriptions that add depth along with keywords that consumers use in search. Think of design elements, style, products, etc. Always include link to your website.

4. Display your Houzz badge on your website with link to your profile: Display any awards you have received from Houzz (Best of Design, Best of Customer Service, etc.)  Put a link to your Houzz Profile in your email signature for clients/prospects to easily navigate to your portfolio and positive reviews. 

5. Tag photos with descriptions: Houzz has a large directory of manufacturers products. Tagging the photos can help you to rank better in search. Only add three to five tags maximum per photo.

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