Syngenta says it’s acquiring the DuPont Professional Products insecticide business, including a number of registered trademark brands. The deal, pending regulatory review, is expected to close in the third or fourth quarter of 2012.

Created in 2002, the DuPont Professional Products insecticide business developed and marketed several successful branded products for the professional turf and pest control markets, including Altriset, Advion, Arilon and Acelepryn.  

"It will add value to our business. It opens up new opportunities for us," says Scott Reasons, Syngenta’s head of turf and landscape for North America. "It is about growing our brand, and growing the business of turf."

The addition of Advion and Acelepryn gives Syngenta two popular insecticides that lawn care and pest control pros have come to rely upon, and provides the Greensboro-based basic chemical manufacturer with a much stronger presence in the residential and commercial turf management markets. Referring to acelepryn, in particular, Reasons adds: "It’s in a leadership position. We have an opportunity to expand on that now."

As a result of this transaction, Syngenta will become a more active participant in adjacent markets such as the ornamental horticulture and consumer markets, as well, according to a release from the company.

Here’s a brief description of the products that Syngenta is acquiring from DuPont Professional Products:

– Acelepryn: a reduced risk insecticide (a.i. Chlorantraniiprole, which belongs to the anthranilic diamide chemical class) introduced to lawn care professionals in 2008, controls turf-damaging grubs and other surface-feeing insects. It features a unique mode of action that impacts the insect’s muscles. 

– Advion: bait product to control fire ants in residential, commercial and industrial properties either through broadcase or mound treatments. The active ingredient is Indoxacarb, which acts through ingestion by ants.

– Altriset: a termiticide to be used as a pre- and post-construciton termite control. The active ingredient of Chlorantraniliprole.

– Arilon: an Indoxacarb insecticide for use by professional applicators to kill workers and/or winged representative forms of termites present at the time of application only.