TerraMax, a developer and distributor of natural microbial products designed to increase yields of agricultural crops and improve root structure and appearance of turf, announced key improvements to both its manufacturing facility and its product formulations, aimed at improving efficiency and increasing results.

TerraMax has improved its formulation for products using the bacteria Azospirillum, which works as a nitrogen fixer,” harvesting nitrogen from the air and soil and delivering it to the plant. Already the industry leader in keeping Azospirillum alive in products for up to two years, a new formulation discovered in the TerraMax labs now increases the survival level of the raw Azospirillum 100-fold. With improved survival in the raw materials, the products themselves will better maintain their bacterial count level and viability.

Additionally, improvements to the TerraMax production facility in Bloomington, Minn., have helped improve the speed and efficiency of packaging. With new equipment and improvements to existing equipment, productivity and net fill rates have increased more than 10 times over the previous system. Product consistency has also improved with the rapid packaging, ensuring that once created, an entire batch of dry product can be quickly placed into containers, reducing the chance of cross-contamination.

The new product formulations are available now for users across agriculture and turf markets.