Finding good people from crew foremen to account managers to sales representatives, is still the number one challenge facing landscape contractors. Whether you’re trying to grow or simply maintain your business, not being able to identify and hire the right people can be a challenge.

Landscape contractors who can’t find the right people end up falling into the following traps:

‡  Sending out an inferior workforce into the field to service customers.
‡  Being held hostage by their current workforce.
‡  Not being able to grow and risk losing business due to the lack of good people.

That headache will disappear this spring with the introduction of the Harvest Group Recruiting Tool Kit. Designed for landscape contractors of all sizes, the Recruiting Tool Kit will include Bill Arman’s new book, The Harvest Way for Recruiting and Hiring the Right People.

Arman, the former vice president of human resources for Valley Crest Landscapes, has interviewed more than 5,000 job candidates in his career, and successfully hired hundreds of landscape professionals. His extensive knowledge and experience will benefit users, and put them on the right track.
The 133-page book will help build your recruiting machine and includes the following plus a whole “bunch” more:

‡  More than 100 helpful bullet items to help build your recruiting machine.
‡  14 Lessons Learned with examples of recruiting successes.
‡  28 time-proven sources to find the right people.
‡  16 Sample Tools including: Job Outlines and Interviewing Questions

A unique feature of the Recruiting Tool Kit is Harvesters Bill Arman and Ed Laflamme leading you through the key lessons covered in the book, step-by-step, all on video.

The workbook is where the Harvesters provide detailed information on how to implement your company’s recruiting strategy. Along with a video guide conducted by Harvesters Arman and Laflamme.

The Recruiting Tool Kit also includes the Recruiting Toolbox, a collection of valuable tips and information on effective interviewing techniques and how to structure your recruiting efforts. All the tools are downloadable and easily accessible for landscape contractors and include:

‡  Job descriptions, performance reviews, screening and interview questions for five key positions: gardener, crew leader, account manager, business developer and branch manager.

‡  Sample employment documents including the 360 Review, Offer Letter, Thanks but No Thanks Letter, On Boarding Check List, 10-15 Report and Benefit Summary Sheet.

‡  Tools to organize the hiring process including how to handle exit interviews, examples of advertising pieces and recruiting flyers, how to develop bonus and sales commission programs, and sample pay ranges.

Put your recruiting problems behind you. Pre-order your tool kit today and get a 20 percent discount. For more information on the Harvester Recruiting Tool Kit visit