TNLA a Founding Member of Texas Water Smart


AUSTIN, Texas – Texas Water Smart  (TWS) is a diverse coalition of businesses, trade associations, state agencies, cities and elected officials who have come together promote water conservation. The Texas Nursery & Landscape Association (TNLA) is a founding member of this first public/private water conservation partnership.

Texas Agriculture Commissioner Todd Staples is lending his support currently as our spokesperson and as an advisor. The goal of our public advocacy coalition is to educate families and businesses about the importance of water conservation, provide simple conservation tips and inform the public about the potential negative economic impact caused by excessive water restrictions.

Since January of 2012 TNLA’s members have spent countless resources promoting Texas Water Smart across the state.

We have participated in numerous press events, run television and radio spots, used social media, used billboards and distributed upwards of 50,000 educational literature pieces on water conservation measures. 

We have conducted polling to measure our success and the results were very good. People are willing to do small things that cost no money to conserve our water.

On June 15th, TWS partnered up with the Texas Rangers’ Baseball organization to have “TWS Day” at the Ballpark in Arlington. Potential donors and supporters converged to take place in the festivities and to help better educate the general public.

We distributed thousands of TWS water bottles, rain gauges and caps to the fans. Prior to the game our television commercials played on the Jumbotron, and our radio spots played throughout the concourse during the game. The Rangers donated one of the two suites we used.

TNLA will continue to work to help conserve our natural resources through TWS.  If we do not have sustainable water sources, then it will be extremely difficult for the nursery/landscape industry to be sustainable. TNLA is currently seeking in-kind and financial support from the its members.