EAST DUNDEE, Ill. – Turfgrass Producers International announced the appointment of officers and new trustees during their Annual Business Meeting on July 30 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

In one of his final honors as TPI’s president, Bob Weerts of Blue Valley Sod, Winnebago, Minnesota, had the pleasure of confirming TPI’s newly appointed officers and elected trustees for 2014-2015.  Among those acknowledged:

  • President Elect – Eddie Keeven Jr. (Emerald View Turf Farm, O’Fallon, Missouri); 
  • Vice President – Will Nugent (Bethel Farms, Arcadia, Florida);
  • and Secretary/Treasurer – Linda Bradley (Turf Mountain Sod, Hendersonville, North Carolina). 

Three-year TPI Trustee appointments included Hugh Dampney of Dampney’s Eco Turf, Parley Court Farm, Christchurch, U.K., and Hank Kerfoot of Modern Turf, Inc., Rembert, South Carolina.