Turf Feeding Systems Addresses the Water Crisis

Source: www.TurfMagazine.com

HOUSTON -There is a major crisis facing the world and it’s not oil and gas. It is water, soil health and food production and society must start preparing for it today. People can live without cars, cell phones and the internet, but humans cannot live without food and water.

Fox News aired a video on March 21st, 2013 entitled The Shocking Reality of The Global Water Crisis” that elaborates on this issue.

The world population passed 7 billion this year, but productive farm land as well as water sources are both declining worldwide.

Water is the next oil crisis and its abundance and availability has been taken for granted too long. The economic growth for any country is based on water. But, water is part of a bigger, more important commodity, food production. Wars will be fought over water in the near future.

A liter of bottled water in most countries is as costly as a liter of gasoline and it is only put in a bottle, not processed in any way.

The Nile River water is being pumped by massive pump stations in Sudan to irrigate their agriculture fields, and Egyptians are seriously worried. Water and politics are both important discussions in Egypt.

The Russians and Ukrainians are now converting large areas from dry land farming to irrigated farming, using their great Dnipro and Volga Rivers to increase farm production. But, but this will take time and world food demand keeps increasing.

The oil and gas peak is here and prices keep going up, but 90 percent of the fertilizers and chemicals used in agriculture come from oil and gas. Some scientists predict, in less than 100 years, the world may run out of oil and gas, and if that happens, farms will also run out of fertilizer to grow crops for food. So what can the world do? The agriculture leaders aren’t talking about this impending crisis or even planning for it.

However, there are some individuals taking a leadership role, and addressing this looming crisis. One is Michael Chaplinsky from Houston Texas, who specializes in irrigation and fertilizer injection (fertigation) into irrigation. His company, Turf Feeding Systems builds fertigation systems to improve irrigation and water efficiency worldwide. Turf Feeding Systems announces its efforts to combat these issues by implementing sustainability in irrigated projects.

Chaplinsky knows that sustainable agriculture is the future and can create greater efficiency for agriculture and water use. He implements these ideals and benefits around the world.

He explains, sustainable agriculture brings plant and soil health together to reduce water, fertilizer, chemicals, labor and energy, while increasing crop production and quality. The practices individually are not new, but when they all come together in a sustainable program, the results are very economic and amazing. Soil biology is the most important element in the sustainable agriculture program, and it is what supports plants, all nature and human life.

Sustainability in agriculture, as well as all types of landscapes, resorts, sports fields and even communities is the direction in which Turf Feeding Systems is working towards.

Michael Chaplinsky has worked for the last 27 years in all areas and markets of golf, landscapes, sports fields resort and agriculture. He has worked with some of the top designers and agronomist in the world. This experience brought him together with the top soil biologists to see this crisis and take part in sustainable agriculture, one of the most promising solutions.