Turfco will be giving away five Apple iPod touches leading up to a grand prize drawing for a TurnAer XT5 aerator for the Making It Easy Giveaway.
Owners, managers or licensed professionals who provide lawn care services are eligible to register at any time throughout the six-month giveaway. Registering more than once will not increase odds of winning. One Apple iPod touch will be given away every month from October 2011 to February 2012, and the XT5 grand prize drawing will take place in March 2012.
Turfco’s TurnAer XT5 Aerator features patented steerable aerator technology with a new hydrostatic drive system. Operators can turn and reverse while aerating, eliminating the need for lifting at each pass and increasing productivity by 50 percent over traditional aerators. The XT5 also includes EasyChange tines, covered drive chains and a uni-body steel frame. It fits through 36-inch gates for added versatility and maneuverability.