Valent Professional Products Releases Arena Insecticide Chinch Bug Video


WALNUT CREEK, Calif.-May 1, 2012-A new instructional video released by Valent Professional Products provides lawn care operators with important information on how to control pyrethroid-resistant Southern chinch bugs.

Southern chinch bugs are the number one turf-destroying insect in Florida and south Texas and, if left unchecked, can cause irreversible damage to St. Augustinegrass lawns.

Recognizing the importance of chinch bug control and its increasing difficulty due to growing pyrethroid resistance, Valent Professional Products produced a video highlighting its Arena Insecticide.

In addition to background information on chinch bugs and the benefits of Arena, the video features interviews with Dr. Joe Chamberlin, regional field development manager for Valent, and Jim Arzt, owner of Pest Patrol of Central Florida, Inc.

In addition to chinch bugs, Arena controls white grubs, nuisance ants and mole crickets.
In producing the chinch bug video, Valent Professional Products underlines its commitment to product stewardship by emphasizing the need to rotate Arena with products that have a different mode of action.

"We want to preserve pyrethroids as management tools. Arena helps take pressure off pyrethroids like bifenthrin, preserving them for future use," Chamberlin said. "Through outreach efforts such as this video, we hope to help LCOs understand the options available to them as well as the importance of resistance management."