Winner of Ryan GreatEST Aerator Giveaway Announced


Schiller Grounds Care, Inc., manufacturer of Ryan brand turf renovation equipment, is proud to announce Emilie Montoya of Outdoor Solutions in Arnold, Mo., as the winner of the Ryan GreatEST Aerator Giveaway.
The GreatEST Aerator Giveaway, which ran through the summer, was open to professional landscapers and lawn care professionals nationwide. Being selected to win any giveaway is pretty lucky, but was it luck or fate that Outdoor Solutions would be selected from over 1,200 entries nationwide? Read Emilie’s back story and judge for yourself.
Emilie, who has worked for Outdoor Solutions for about 10 years, was in the office one day going through what she thought was a pile of junk mail. As you can imagine, magazines and circulars don’t get much attention in the busy mowing season. One quick slide across the desk and in the trash the stack went. Fortunately for Emilie, a trade magazine missed the can and fell to the ground opening to the Ryan ad for the contest. Emilie, who admits she has never won anything before, decided to enter. Sometime after entering the contest and before the winner was selected, one of company’s aerators was stolen from a job site.
Luck, fate or coincidence, call it what you will. She is just happy that trade magazine missed the trash can.

Photo: From left: Jim Obos (Schiller regional sales manager) congratulates Emilie Montoya, Patrick O’Neal (also of Outdoor Solutions), Josh Muehlhauser (local Ryan Dealer, Scotts Power Equipment) and Gene Schloemann (Ryan Distributor, Oscar Wilson Engine & Parts).