By now, you should be seeing some positive results from your content marketing efforts whether that’s an influx of new clients from your blog or folks filling out information on your website’s landing page. But did you know that you still need to keep on blogging in order to continue to attract more prospects to your door, as well as to keep your clients updated? Here are some possible blog topics for your lawn or landscape business to focus on for the rest of the year:

  1. If you live in the western part of the United States, you can continue writing about the lingering (and in California, the worsening) drought. Continue to share tips and alternative lawn solutions, such as xeriscaping and artificial turf.
  2. If you live in the middle part of America, going eastward, you can focus your blog topics on storm cleanup, the cool summer weather and how that may affect fall color. And you can blog about fixing lawns and landscape problems before winter.
  3. It’s time to remind your clients about fertilizing, core aeration and overseeding. Remember, you also want to attract prospects whose lawns may have been taken over by weeds. So, blog about good turf care, such soil testing, core aeration steps and proper irrigation techniques.
  4. It’s a good idea to remind your clients and prospects why fall is the right time to do another round of mulching, as well as it’s an ideal time to plant new trees.
  5. Additionally, it’s a good idea to remind your clients and prospects about smart irrigation tips well into the fall season. For example, trees, shrubs and new grass need regular watering until the first freeze in order to develop the deep root systems needed to survive over the winter.
  6. In November and December, it’s a good time to introduce your holiday lighting and snow/deicing management services for the winter months. You can also explain why hiring a professional saves your clients and prospects time and keeps them safe.
  7. If you provide these services, fall is a great time to tell people about your tree trimming and stump grinding services. You might attract new clients to clear out their dead wood before winter starts or you may get a surprise call from someone who saw your blog link on Facebook to help them with storm cleanup.
  8. A blog is a great way to showcase some of your best projects from the 2014 season. You can upload videos and pictures from your smartphone to visually communicate your handiwork. Just remember to get the property owner’s permission, preferably in writing, even if it’s through an email. Also, be different from your competitors’ photos by including happy clients enjoying their renovated lawns, new patios and outdoor kitchens.
  9. It’s imperative that you keep localizing. If you serve a tri-county region, name those three counties and prominent towns. Most people will do Google searches for “lawn care services, city, state” or “landscape contractors, state.” So, keep your service region in mind when you write your blogs to help more people find you online.

Remember, the above blog topics may seem like common sense to you, but this is the information that your prospects and clients want to read about. Your blog is meant to pinpoint your clients and prospects’ problems and to solve them; build faith in your services; and hopefully, hire you instead of your competitor. How do you determine what makes a newsworthy blog for the people in your region? Do you need help coming up with blog topics?

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