I love being part of the green industry for many reasons but most of all because I get to know people who genuinely enjoy what they’re doing. They view the landscape/lawn service industry as a fulfilling career opportunity and not just a job and a paycheck. 

This past week I drove the 35 miles from my home in northwest Ohio, to meet and share a dinner with Kevin Rantanen, founder and owner of Perrysburg Lawn & Landscape and Turf magazine advisor Rick Cuddihe. Kevin, in his early 30s, had just finished an afternoon conferring with PLANET Trailblazer Cuddihe, who drove up earlier in the day from his home in northern Kentucky.

Our small group gathered for a fun dinner at the Chili’s Bar & Grill in Rossford, Ohio. I was impressed with Kevin and I have no doubt that he will be as successful in the green industry as he wants to be. While his company is still small, that’s more by design than anything else, I learned.

Kevin is a local guy with strong ties to his community. He’s a former city councilman and he serves on the board of several local organizations.

He will continue to succeed in the industry because:

1. He has a passion and love for what he’s doing.

2. He has drive, determination and a positive attitude.

3. He’s eager to continue learning and growing as a business owner as evidenced by his membership in PLANET and by seeking the assistance of PLANET Trailblazer Cuddihe.

4. He’s fit, smart and likable.

5. His company is located in a growing and prosperous community that he knows extremely well.

Kevin, and other younger men and women just like him, are bringing fresh energy and ideas to our industry. Meeting and getting to know them is what makes what I do so darn enjoyable.