So, Congress passed what they are calling a “stimulus” package. Let’s hope it does some good (if you’ve been reading this space recently, you know I have my doubts).

I’ve been telling you what I think for a couple of months, now it’s your turn. Here is a representative sample of the mail I’ve been receiving. (Actually, the mail has been overwhelmingly in agreement with what I have been writing, so I had to dig up the few negative e-mails to print here.)

David G. Cassidy

This package, which is now law, may be a just attempt at providing needed momentum for our economy, but as you stated, does not do much for boosting the economy at the ground level.

A lot of people have paid a price for the housing subprimes and, at a higher level, the naked shorting of our financial markets without the need to cover.

Jeffery H.
Coral Springs, Fla.

I felt that your “Economic Stimulus?” article hit the nail on the head. If only the media wasn’t bought out, too, would everyone be more aware of this!

Kenny H.
Syracuse, N.Y.

I couldn’t agree with you more!

How about Wells Fargo holding their hands out for bailout money, and then turning around and planning a luxurious, all-expense-paid trip to Vegas for their top employees? We are heading more and more towards socialism every day! Props to you for a great read.

Cole L.
Ellsworth, Wis.

Hey, wait a minute. Wells Fargo holds my mortgage. I think they should get all the government money they can! -DGC

According to NPR, I will benefit from the package, since my job was eliminated in December due to budget restraints. I will draw $25 more weekly in unemployment payments.

You may want to get off your high-heeled conservative horse and think about other people and promote nationalized health care. It has been too long since the unscrupulous have been in control. Put your love for the U.S. to better use than criticize our first smart president since Bill Clinton.

This one came with a return e-mail address, but no name. I’m glad you’re going to be getting $25 a week from your “nanny” government. Wouldn’t it be better if they did something that stimulated the economy, so that you could have a job instead of a government check (oh, let me see; maybe something like lowering the tax burden on companies that actually create jobs)? – DGC

The problem with government is that they continue to think big is best: the bigger the government, the better capability it has to deal with problems. The bigger the industry, the greater the need for big government to help out. In reality, small business collectively is much larger than big business collectively, and is who really suffers when big business is bailed out.

Unfortunately, small business does not exercise their voice as well as bigger entities, which results in little to no government movement in our direction.  The truth is that small business does not want government to move in our direction, other than indirectly by not doing anything in any direction other than downsizing. If government would downsize, taxes could be reduced, small and big business would benefit, and individuals throughout the world would benefit.

As you know, we landscapers have many projects that have been put on hold because banks have stopped funding projects. 2009 would normally be a great year for us because of our backlog of projects, but 75 percent of the projects we have under contract are on hold. Owners are telling us that they cannot get funding from their banks or reasonable answers as to why there is no funding. We are seeing no results of the past bailouts to banks other than larger banks acquiring smaller banks.

Perry B.
Pleasant Grove, Utah

You are right. According to the Small Business Administration, small businesses employ half of the workers in this country and have created between 60 and 80 percent of all new jobs since the mid-1990s. Hopefully, some of the money that is supposed to be going to actual infrastructure building will go to companies like yours.- DGC