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Whether you like the idea of a simple, chemical application or prefer to go the natural route, the fertilizers in this guide have the solution. These products will help get your grass growing and keep it looking its best.

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Jonathan Green

Natural Beauty is an all-organic lawn fertilizer ideal for no-phosphorus areas. It is composed of various plant and animal proteins, including feather meal, soybean meal, blood meal, kelp meal, wheat shorts, amino acids and humic acid. Provides turf nutrition for eight to 10 weeks.

Nature’s Pro

Nature’s Pro 9-18-9 Foliar is a blend of food-grade components with a broad spectrum of sea-sourced micronutrients in trace amounts. Its purity enables plant absorption up to 94 percent. There is no runoff, leaching or negative environmental consequences. Foliar feeding requires less labor.

Valley Green

Offers PlanTTech organic fertilizers, including EarthStarr 6-5-6, MycoStarr 6-5-6 and PlanTTech 8-0-4, which contain feather meal and meat and bone meal. PlanTTech 12-0-4 and PlanTTech 20-2-5 combine organic nitrogen and mineral nutrients chelated with Hydrolyzed Microbial Protein.



Agrisel Mega Phos fertilizer comes in liquid and water-soluble formulations and helps make turfgrass healthier and more resistant to diseases.

The Andersons

Fertilizers include 25-5-12 with 50 percent NS-54 poly-coated, sulfur-coated urea and 28-3-10 with 96 percent NS-54. Both contain slow-release nitrogen.

Growth Products

Growth Products 18-3-6 with 50 percent slow-release nitrogen plus micronutrients provides a balance of slow and quick-release nitrogen and other benefits.

JH Biotech

Phosgard Plus is a continuous-release phosphorus fertilizer. The liquid formulation is effective through both foliar and soil applications.

Kelly’s Green Team

Maxi Cal contains 30 percent calcium and helps reduce stress, improve soil texture, neutralize toxic substances in cells and increase micronutrient availability.

Liquid Fence Co.

EcoLogic APG-em contains organic Ecklonia maxima kelp and anchovy marine fish emulsion. Helps establish nutrient-healthy soil and fertilize turf.

Nature Safe

Nature Safe Fertilizers contain premium animal proteins, not waste byproducts. The all-natural ingredients provide a balanced nutritional program.

Neptune’s Harvest

Neptune’s Harvest organic fertilizer, made from fresh fish, contains macro and micronutrients, vitamins, amino acids, omega oils and more.

Northeast Agricultural Sales

UFLEXX delivers nitrogen that is not dependent on soil moisture or temperature. It provides consistent nitrogen feeding for up to six to eight weeks.

Nutrient Technology Partners

NutriLife is a fertilizer meta-catalyst that is available pre-blended with fertilizers from certified blenders. Allows for a 30 percent reduction in fertilizer use.

PJC & Co.

Renaissance fertilizers contain all-natural ingredients, based on soybeans and feather meal. With slow-release, water-insoluble organic nitrogen.

Plant Health Care

PHC 8-2-2 contains 70 percent organic ingredients by volume, providing rich organic material and active rhizosphere bacteria to depleted soils. Poultry manure-based.

Soil Technologies

Micro-Gro Plus provides multiple biofertilizers, including sea plant extract, humic acids, micronutrients, enzymes and beneficial bacteria.

Tech Terra Organics

Screamin’ Green 16-2-3 contains five nitrogen sources and organic matter with slow-release nutrients. Helps develop deeper, healthier root systems.

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