GIE+EXPO New Products


Here’s a look at the new products that our advertisers will be showcasing at this year’s GIE+EXPO.

New Mower Features

Dixie Chopper has made changes to its mowers for 2011, affecting safety, comfort and style. A knobby rubber mat stamped with a Dixie Chopper logo has replaced the old carpeted section of the floor pan. For greater operator safety, roll bars are now halo-style. All models now have retractable, aircraft-style seat belts, affording more convenience of use and a quick release in case of emergency.

Another Option for Fuel Efficiency

Cub Cadet Commercial offers another option for fuel efficiency with the TANK S LP. Powered by either an 852 or 999cc Kawasaki engine, the mower offers reduced emissions and fuel costs while providing the same high performance of all TANK S units. The benefits of liquid propane also include longer engine life, longer run times and less engine maintenance. The TANK S LP meets all current EPA and CARB emissions standards.

Take a Stand

Wright Commercial Products will unveil the Stander X, combining the feature-filled Stander with a new deck design. The height of the 48, 52 and 61-inch decks can now be adjusted on the fly. The 9.5 mph cut speed increases productivity without sacrificing comfort. A suspension platform provides a smoother ride, and a full-length, thigh-to-knee pad increases comfort. The Stander X has a low center of gravity and large wheels for stability on steep hills. The open, unconfined design allows the operator to quickly step off in case of an emergency or to pick up debris, and the mower will stop immediately.

Big Features in a Small Package

New Grasshopper model 226v offers commercial power, perfect cut and smooth handling in a MidMount mower with a 26 hp Professional Series V-Twin engine, commercial-grade pump and wheel motor drive system. Features include robotically-welded, fabricated 5.5-inch-deep cutting decks with optional mulch and PowerVac capability, and the Advanced Debris Management System.

Versatile Applicator

Ecolawn’s topdresser is a multipurpose, self-propelled, motorized applicator built for professionals working in turf care, topdressing and turf renovation. It is versatile and maneuverable, operating even on steep grades. It can spread a variety of materials, including compost, organic matter, fertilizer, lime, calcite clay, pelletized products, sand and salt.

Combination Deck

Walker Mfg. introduced a number of new product improvements, along with a 52-inch rear discharge/mulch combination deck for the Walker Super B. The deck has appeal for contractors who do not want to discharge clippings in high-traffic areas, and it also features Walker’s signature finish cut. Other improvements include updates to the MB and MBS series machines, including heavier-duty transaxles and manual clutch/brakes. All machines are approved for EPA compliance in 2011.

Electric Spreading & Spraying

C&S Turf Care Equipment has introduced the Turf Tracker ARC, an all-electric, zero-turn, riding spreader/sprayer. The state-of-the-art, low-maintenance design allows operators to spread and spray an acre of turf in 10 minutes. The ARC lasts all day on a single charge, with no emissions or noise. It handles well on hilly, uneven terrain.

Safely Trim Trimmer Line

Novae’s LineSnap cutter is a safe and easy way to cut trimmer line. It is designed to fit on a key ring and is safe to keep in your pocket.

Mow with Power

The Power Dog 926 weed and brush mower features a 26-inch double-sided blade with a 9 hp Robin Subaru engine. Manufactured by Kuhns Power Equipment, LLC, the mower has variable speed on the go and instant forward/reverse.

Keep Cargo Safe and Secure

With the new AmeriDeck Contractor Service Cap attachment, operators can now keep items out of the weather while safely loading and unloading them at the job site. The body can securely hold up to 2,500 pounds of ladders, tools and materials.

Easy Monitoring

New from CDS-John Blue Co., the VisaGage II flow monitor complements its existing line of liquid fertilizer and chemical applicator pumps. It enables users to easily monitor flow rates of liquid products, which helps to improve efficiency and profitability. It is easy to install and there are no electronic parts that could potentially fail. The unit is made with chemical-resistant polypropylene adapters and a clear PVC body with an additive for UV protection. Available in single columns or in sets of four flow monitor assemblies.

Customizable Debris Loader

Billy Goat introduced the DL Series debris loaders, featuring CustomFit options for customizing the unit to your truck and trailer. It also has a dual shredding system with Piranha blade to maximize debris reduction and minimize dumping fees.