HANOVER, Mass. – New England mosquitoes barely flinch at tiki torches, bug zappers and aerosol sprays, so Lawn Doctor of Boston, the South Shore and Cape Cod created a comprehensive mosquito control program called Yard Armour, which addresses prevention, control and maintenance of mosquitoes.

Preventative measures can help to reduce the presence of these biting bullies.

  • The removal of stagnant water and objects that might create them is the first step. Water in dog bowls and birdbaths should be changed regularly to avoid ripe breeding climates for mosquitoes.
  • Trim lawn and bushes frequently.  To a mosquito, overgrown grass and shrubbery can look like a nice place to raise a family.
  • Cleaning out rain gutters regularly is also important.

As each lawn differs, specific advice from a lawn care expert can help create the ideal balance.

Though the preventative steps outlined above are highly effective, summer is in full swing, so Yard Armour offers effective chemical treatments as well as natural options to combat existing infestations.

The traditional chemical treatment consists of one or more applications of repellent. Additional supplementation of repellent can be achieved through the installation of a device called the Mosquito Sentry releases a vaporized repellent fog to keep these flying annoyances away in between full treatments.

There are also numerous natural approaches to combating existing mosquito infestations. One such method is through the use of consumer devices known as “targets,” which gain their namesake from the fact that they mimic mosquitoes natural targets: man and pet. Carbon dioxide is released at regular intervals to create this effect. This is the same gas we release that attracts the pests. Though these devices can act as an effective diversion, ongoing mosquito control, like that offered through Lawn Doctor, may prove necessary as well as economic.