Don’t Stress About Pythium

A new formulation of Chipco Signature fungicide is available for use in turf.

From Bayer Environmental Science, Chipco Signature with StressGard technology is a systemic product and is registered for use in a seasonal program for control of Pythium diseases on golf course turf, sod farms and sports turf. Chipco helps improve turf quality and inhibits fungal growth and development, providing protection against anthracnose, summer turfgrass decline and bentgrass deadspot, among other diseases.

No More Weeds!

Avocet PLX Herbicide has joined the product line from Phoenix Environmental Care LLC.

Avocet PLX contains 54 percent glyphosate as the active ingredient, so it has postemergent control of a variety of aquatic and non-crop weeds, and in addition to aquatic environments, can be used on shorelines and landscapes, as well as in turf and non-crop areas.

It is available in 2.5, 30 and 275-gallon containers.