Sod offers instant gratification for new home owners anxious to mow their own lawns, and an immediate remedy for groundskeepers who need to spruce up a landscape.

This guide is sure to help any sod company reap what it sows, with equipment to cut, move and lay the green stuff.

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The all-stainless steel Turf Profiler with detachable plate collects a 3.5-by-1-by-7-inch turf sample that can be replaced or packaged for later analysis.


The PT-30 compact track loader with sod roller offers 2.8 PSI of ground pressure and can be equipped with smooth turf tracks.


The Navigator RT-4000 two-wheel drive forklift features a rubber-mounted Kubota engine, improved hydraulic control assembly and self-sealing tires.


Classen sod cutters feature gear or hydrostatic drive; 12, 18, 20 and 24-inch cutting widths; 5.5 or 8 hp Honda engines; and center blade placement.

Fairway Industries

Fairway offers three sod plug planter models, smooth and specialized rollers, star aerators and more. Manufactured of heavy-gauge steel.

K&W Products

The SR Turf Installer, an all-wheel drive unit, comes in 27 hp gas and 31 hp diesel models and installs rolls from 24 to 48 inches wide.


The SLAB-MATIC 2700 single-row automatic slab sod harvester cuts 16 or 24-inch-wide, 24 or 48-inch-long slabs. Double-sided pallet injector is optional.

Micro-Trak Systems

The SodPro II measures and monitors length of rolls, number of pieces, number of loads, total area of sod harvested, speed, distance and more.

Quail Mfg.

The manual, kick-type sod cutter, constructed with a one-piece, welded steel frame, cuts uniform 12-inch strips of sod.

Quality Corp.

The 4,000-pound-capacity Low Profile Donkey forklift is 80 inches wide and 81 inches high and has a 25 hp Kubota diesel engine. Other options available.


The self-propelled Ryan Jr. sod cutter, with 12 and 18-inch cut widths, has a cut depth adjustable up to 2.5 inches and knob-tread drive wheels.

Sprigger’s Choice

The Sports/Turf No-Till Sprigger has a working width of 6 feet and can plant 6-inch rows or broadcast on 3-inch spacing.


The ShortCut automatic turf harvester is equipped with a 99 hp John Deere engine, 24-inch cutting head and seat that rotates 90 degrees.

Turfco Direct

The KisCutter sod cutter cuts up to 9,000 square feet per hour and offers a 5.5 hp Honda engine, rear-wheel drive and adjustable cutting depth.


The RollMaster is available in Automated and Standard Series and comes in 30, 42 and 48-inch cut widths.