If you’re looking to loosen up a troublesome residential lawn, a soil aerator is your tool of choice to repair soil compaction.

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The Super Finetine maintains infiltration rates through the thatch layer between verticutting and coring treatments. Use with smoothing roller to keep area in play.


The Core Breaker separates grass roots from soil and deposits soil back on the turf. Available in 69 and 93-inch working widths.

Barber & Sons

The tractor-towed Turf Rake uses a grid of geometrically configured spring tines to aerate soil and remove stones.

Billy Goat

The 19-inch-wide AE401 features a water weight directly over the tines, removable tine stars, Fold-n-Go handles and easy-to-adjust drive chains.

Blec USA

The GKB Sandfiller verticuts and backfills with sand to achieve good aeration and drainage, while following the contour of the ground and collecting debris.


The Cherrington 4500 has a 5-foot screening width, 1-cubic-yard hopper, working depth up to 4 inches and solid steel loading paddles.


The SA-25 Stand-Aer ride-on aerator has hydrostatic tine and tire drive, 24-inch operational turning radius, 13 hp Honda engine and split drive technology.

CS Trading

The 63-inch-wide Sisis Maxislit offers two depth settings and a blade angle and spiral shaft design that aid penetration with minimal surface disturbance.

Earth & Turf

The TURFSAW uses a shattering action that produces little compaction and has solid blades that adjust to increase penetration from 2.5 to 3.75 inches.


The Yardmaker overseeder seeds and aerates in one operation. Available in pull-type or three-point models with widths from 3 to 8 feet.


Offers four models of core aerators with knife options, three spike aerators, 4-foot shrouded aerator, three core/slice aerators and two star wheel aerators.


The PTO-driven AERA-vator leaves no cores to clean up, is available in 40 and 60-inch models and has oscillating, forged steel tines to fracture hard soils.


The Hooker uses the forward force of the mower to make holes up to 3 inches deep and pulls loose plugs of soil to eliminate hard cores and compaction.

L.T. Rich

The Z-Plug is powered by a 19 hp Kawasaki engine, aerates 2 to 3.5 inches deep and has a floating tine head, 2,000-pound hydraulic lift and speeds up to 8 mph.

Land Pride

The CA25 Core Aerator is available in 4, 5 and 6-foot units with case-hardened .75-inch spoons and storage stands on all four corners.

Palmor Products

The Trac Vac front-mount aerator is available in 32 and 48-inch widths with heat-treated steel tines and independent core tine wheel rotation.


The Turf Surgeon aerates, dethatches and spikes; is available in 52 and 71-inch working widths; and has a depth of cut adjustable up to 1.75 inches.


The three-point hitch, 72-inch Tracaire offers coring, slicing or deep-spoon tines, independently mounted tine wheels and aerating depth up to 4 inches.


The VersaTow has 12-inch, self-storing wings to allow operation at 36, 48 and 60-inch widths and 80 heat-treated, 5/8-inch tubular tines.


The core aerator for the Steiner 430 Max tractor has a working width of 40.25 inches, independent .75-inch core tine assemblies and depth up to 3.5 inches.

Trackless Vehicles

The Trackless front-mounted aerator has pivoting tine wheels that turn with the tractor and can travel from site to site without disengaging.

Turf Pride

Offers the VSA aerator and the Core Collector, which collects and moves cores to the collar’s edge. When the unit is lifted, cores are deposited on the collar.

Turfco Direct

TurnAer 4 and 6 aerators turn while aerating and offer front-traction drive, DiffDrive system and TurnAer Chariot attachment.


The PERFAERATOR attachment has a working width of 41.5 inches, depth of 2.5 inches, and PTO-driven tines that engage and disengage easily.

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