Whether you’re looking for a hand-held unit to clean up a small job, or you need a truck-mounted attachment for a large mess, you’re sure to find it here.

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BCS America

BCS sweepers are available in 30 and 40-inch widths and are all gear-driven. They float side to side to ensure full contact with the surface at all times. Can be angled to the right, left and center from the operator position. Use for general cleanup and to dethatch lawns and clear snow.


The Sweep Master turf brush measures 40 by 78 inches and has eight individual brushes in a double diamond pattern. The upper framework is 11-gauge steel with loosely bolted, 3/8-inch, angle crossmembers to allow flex with ground contour. Options include aluminum deck and soft white bristles.


PTO-driven rotary brooms are available in 48 and 60-inch models set at a fixed 25-degree angle and in a 60-inch model with a variable sweeping angle up to 25 degrees left or right. They can be adjusted from the operator’s seat and are available for all Grasshopper zero-turn FrontMount mowers.


The JRCO 640 V-Broom Sweeper for zero-turn mowers has quick-adjust wings that lock into various positions: 60-inch straight, left or right-angled and V-shaped. It has three rows of 8-inch polypropylene bristles and manual lift with latch for transport. Attaches to JRCO mount bar with clevis pins.


The 44-inch, collapsible SmartSWEEP features handle-controlled dumping, a design that eliminates wheel skipping, and 25-cubic-foot bag.


The EDGE Angle Broom is available in widths from 60 to 96 inches and has a 32-inch-diameter brush with poly/wire bristles and single or dual motor.


The AB Angle Broom offers hydraulic angle adjustment, floating action for smoother operation, tube-style brush and tilt function.

CS Trading

The 247-pound Sisis ground-driven rotary brush features an aluminum collector with stainless steel mesh and 39-inch working width.


The ProSweep attachment for the PAS power head cleans a 22-inch swath and has .028-inch diameter, concave nylon bristles to minimize windrowing.


The heavy-duty, front-mounted Kubota rotary sweeper has a polypropylene brush that is 22 inches in diameter, with a poly-steel brush option. Hydraulic lift, lower and power angle are standard. Side gauge wheels are available. It can be angled up to 25 degrees to the left or right.

Masco Sweepers

Offers a full line of vacuum parking lot sweepers, including the model 2200, which fits in pickups; Econo 1600; 3-yard 1600 and 5-yard Diesel 5000 with stainless steel hoppers; and Mr. Air Trailervac, a self-contained trailer vacuum sweeper that can be pulled by any vehicle.

MB Companies

The LB broom attachment for skid steers, compact wheel loaders, tractor loaders and backhoe loaders features dual casters and rear pivot, allowing the broom to follow surface contours. An adjustable baffle keeps bristles clean and allows the bucket to fill completely before dumping.


The Seago Power Brush has an 18-inch working width and overall width of 25 inches. It has pneumatic tires and weighs 108 pounds, allowing for portability. Powered by a 5.5 hp Honda engine, it has seven settings for brush pressure and poly brush bristles for long-lasting use.


The Pro Sweep 5200 tow-behind unit has a high-lift dump feature and uses a floating 52-inch-wide sweeper head to brush aeration cores into a 25-cubic-foot hopper. A 6-inch diameter roller with adjustable height is located behind the brush. Options include electric offset and brake kit.

Trackless Vehicles

Power Angle units can sweep sand, gravel and debris, remove snow and dethatch. The 60-inch unit has a 48 to 50-inch sweeping pattern when angled. Also available are 72, 84 and 96-inch models. For those who need a narrower sweeper, 36 and 48-inch units can be made to order.

Haaga Great Lakes

Haaga Sweepers are offered in five models with widths from 55 to 97 cm. Features central brush regulation and protruding brushes on both sides for wet and dry leaves and other refuse.


The 38-inch pull-behind sweeper features dual-brush sweeping action, rear wheel design, 11-bushel capacity and removable hopper that folds flat.


The Estate Master is three Suburbanites gang-hitched together for a 100-inch sweeping width and 51-cubic-foot capacity.


The PB3410 PowerBroom offers a 1.4 hp, 34cc C4 Technology engine, better fuel economy, 22-inch sweeping swath and four optional brushes.


The CS Sweeper comes in 26 and 32-inch widths with a high-dump feature and forward sweeping action. Available with dust abatement vacuum system.

Turf Teq

The 47-inch-wide, self-propelled Turf Teq Power Broom has a hydrostatic transmission, differential lock, 13 hp Honda engine and poly or poly/wire bristles. Brush pressure, brush speed and pivot angle (left/right) can be adjusted from the operator position. A dethatching kit is available.


The Groom ‘N’ Sweep broom attachment features eight brush rows of poly bristles to handle wet and dry material in both forward and reverse. It is available with a 60 or 72-inch broom and bucket, three-point and fork mounts are standard. Bristles are easily replaceable.

Victory Sweepers

The T-500 weighs 1,000 pounds and can be pulled by equipment ranging from ATVs to small trucks. The sweeper and 22-inch curb broom are powered by a 5.5 hp Honda engine and will hold 1.5 cubic yards of debris. Hopper and frame are powder-coated for durability.


The rotary broom with 47-inch sweeping path and five-position angle head is ideal for lawn dethatching and raking, and for sweeping debris or light snow. Down pressure is spring-weighted and adjustable. Parking stands protect bristles when not in use. Gauge wheels are optional.


The Super 500 is a sweeper/verticutter/flail mower collection system with a high dump reach up to 80 inches and a floating head to follow ground contour.


The York Broom YB32 requires 540 RPM PTO, has a reversible gearbox to allow brush rotation to be reversed and can be angled 30 degrees left or right.