September 25-28 60th Annual Florida Turfgrass Association Con- ference & Show. The Caribe Royal, Orlando. For more information, visit www.ftga.org.


April 24 Urban Ag Council April Dinner Meeting. Topiary Courtyard, Norcross. For details, visit www.urbanagcouncil.com.

May 22 Urban Ag Council May Dinner Meeting. Piedmont Park, Atlanta. For more information, visit www.urbanagcouncil.com.


April 20 Tree Dynamics & Integrated Risk Assessment. Doyline. To learn more, call 225-578-7219 or visit www.isasouthern.org.

May 4 Tree Biology. Ville Platte. To learn more, call 225-578-7219 or visit www.isasouthern.org.

June 6-7 Irrigation Basics for Landscape Irrigation Contractors. Ralph & Kacoo’s Restaurant, Baton Rouge. For more information, visit www.lnla.org.


June 19-20 Mid South Green Industry Conference. Muse Center, Pearl. To learn more, visit www.msnla.org.

North Carolina

May 16 NCNLA/NCSU Landscape Professional Field Day. JC Raulston Arboretum, Raleigh. To learn more, visit www.ncnla.com.

August 8 NCSU Turfgrass Field Day. Sandhills Research Station, Jackson Springs. For details, visit www.ncturfgrass.org.

September 25 Dr. Art Bruneau Golf Tournament & Scholarship Fundraiser. Lonnie Poole Golf Course, Raleigh. To learn more, visit www.turffiles.ncsu.edu/bruneaugolf.


April 24 Hosta Tissue Culture Seminar. Tulsa Garden Center, Tulsa. For more information, visit www.hortla.okstate.edu/events.

May 10 Water Wise Landscape Irrigation. Oklahoma State University, Stillwater. For details, visit www.hortla.okstate.edu/events.

June 14-15 Red Dirt Gardening: A Window Into the Future. Stillwater. To learn more, visit www.hortla.okstate.edu/events.

June 17-29 Camp TURF (Tomorrow’s Undergraduates Realizing the Future). Oklahoma State University, Stillwater. For more information, visit www.hortla.okstate.edu/events.

June 20 ONLA Greenhouse Production Short Course. Oklahoma State University, Oklahoma City. For details, visit www.oknla.org.

September 20 2012 ONLA Annual Convention & Trade Show. Hard Rock Casino, Tulsa. For more information, visit www.oknla.org.


April 23 Principles of Successful Sustainable Landscapes. Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, University of Texas, Austin. For details, visit www.wildflower.org/edg_workshops.

June 24-29 14th Annual EPA Region 6 Stormwater Conference. Fort Worth. To learn more, visit www.scieca.org.

August 16-19 TNLA Nursery & Landscape Expo. George R. Brown Convention Center, Houston. For more information, visit www.nurserylandscapeexpo.org.


May 22 Pesticide Recertification Program. Gypsy Hill Park Gymnasium, Staunton. For details, visit www.vaturf.org.

June 12 Pesticide Recertification Program. Hampton. To learn more, visit www.vaturf.org.

June 26 Pesticide Recertification Program. Hampton Roads AREC, Virginia Beach. For more information, visit www.vaturf.org.


April 20 PLANET Day of Service. Nationwide. To learn more, visit www.planetdayofservice.org.

May 2-3 Water Technology Conference. Clovis, Calif. For more information, call 559-278-2066 or visit www.icwt.net/conference/index.htm.

May 9 Using an iPad for Sales, Marketing & Presentations. PLA- NET Webinar. For details, visit www.landcarenetwork.org.

May 20-24 2012 Land Grant & Sea Grant National Water Conference. Portland, Ore. For more information, visit www.usawaterquality.org.

June 20-22 Outdoor Power Equipment Institute Annual Meeting. Colorado Springs, Colo. To learn more, visit www.opei.org.

July 4-10 30th Perennial Plant Symposium. Boston, Mass. For details, visit www.perennialplant.org.

July 8-10 PLANET Renewal & Remembrance; Legislative Day on the Hill. Arlington Cemetery and Renaissance Arlington Capital View Hotel, Arlington, Va. To learn more, visit www.landcarenetwork.org/renewal.

July 10-12 PLANET Annual Leadership Meetings. Renaissance Arlington Capital View Hotel, Arlington, Va. For details, visit www.landcarenetwork.org.

July 14-17 OFA Short Course. Columbus, Ohio. To learn more, visit www.ofa.org/shortcourse.


May 3-4 Soils & Urban Trees Conference 2012. University of British Columbia, Vancouver, B.C. For more information, visit www.ufis.ca.

June 4-8 28th Australian Turfgrass Conference. Melbourne, Australia. For details, email melissa@agcsa.com.au or visit www.agcsa.com.au/confer ence.

June 19 2012 BCLNA Annual Golf Tournament. Redwoods Golf Course, Langley, B.C. For more information, visit www.bclna.com.

June 24-26 European Turfgrass Society International Conference. Kristiansand, Norway. To learn more, visit www.turfgrasssociety.eu/home/news_and_events.