All-Electric Vehicle

The all-electric Multi-Terrain Vehicle from Bad Boy Mowers has a high-torque electric traction motor and push-button, on-the-fly four-wheel drive, and plugs into a standard 110-volt outlet. The Smart Charge System automatically charges the vehicle as needed. A Bad Boy orange two-seat and four-seat model is available, along with an optional two-seat black or camouflage version. All models have a 600-pound-capacity bed with automatic hydraulic dump and 25-inch, six-ply tires.

Stick ‘Em Up

Underhill International’s LiquidPro applicator gun evenly distributes wetting agents, fertilizers and micronutrients. The gun weighs only 3 pounds and is UV-protected and chemical resistant. LiquidPro covers 1,000 square feet of turf in less than a minute, and the applicator works with .75 and 1-inch hoses. The pistol-grip valve design with textured handle provides comfort and reduces operator fatigue. The poly-bottle features measurements in fluid ounces and milliliters, and additional 32-ounce poly-bottles are available in six-packs.

Tree Shear for Skid Steer Loaders

The Bradco Tree Shear for skid steer loaders features 1-inch-thick cutter blades, a single cylinder for less maintenance, adjustable and replaceable cutter blades, adjustable push bar/brush guard, and up to 10-inch-diameter cut. No flow divider required.

Take Care of Trimmer Blades

Hedge-Pro from MDI cleans and lubricates hedge trimmer blades without harming bushes or shrubs. It helps blades last longer with less friction.

High-Output Debris Blowers

Selbro, Inc. manufactures a line of commercial walk-behind blowers with 9, 10 or 13 hp engines. The heavy-duty blowers feature eight-blade cast aluminum impellers that are aerodynamically designed. The blowers also have fully adjustable and reversible handles with anti-vibration grips, full-size pneumatic wheels, and hand or foot front-operated discharge systems.

Optional swivel wheel kit and flat-free tires available.

Verticut and Fill in One Pass

The GKB Sandfiller from Blec USA, Inc. simultaneously verticuts and sand fills in one pass. It achieves good aeration and drainage while following the contours of the surface with three height-adjustable rolls. The (combi) rotor is capable of frase mowing as well as verticutting while collecting the debris in the dump box. Drie3d sand is directly funneled in to the open slits after verticutting to improve top layer aeration and surface water drainage. The unit has a working width of 48 inches, a working depth of 0 to 1.5 inches, slit distances of 1.5 inches apart, and 2 or 3mm slit width.

Spice Up Your Mulch

Mobile Mulch Systems’ Backpack Mulch Recoloring System with “Infusionator” wand provides reconditioning of color-enhanced mulch. Landmark Ultra concentrate colorants have been designed specifically for the harsh requirements of coloring dusty, on-site mulch.

Move Big Trees—Easily

The Big John Model 100D tree transplanter moves larger trees and digs a 102-inch hole. The unit requires a 400 hp minimum truck with 20,000-pound front axle BVW rating and 46,000-pound rear axle GVW rating.

Tommy Gate’s Two-Piece Railgate

The RF Model from Tommy Gate is the company’s first two-piece folding railgate. It features 1,600 and 2,000-pound capacities, aluminum two-piece platform and closure-assist Torsion Bar. It can be lowered in the vertical position for dock loading and provides access to the back of the truck for easy fork and dock loading.

Bring Power to Your Job Site

The PC10 Power-Cord Series from Coxreels comes with a 5-foot pigtail and handles up to 30 feet of 16 and 12-gauge cord, and features six cord accessory options for power and light management applications.

Crafted in heavy-gauge steel, the unit comes with an integrated drum-style spring motor, FDA-compliant composite hub, and grommet cable guide to avoid pinching. Each model comes with a 20-AMP slip ring assembly, available in three and four conductor versions.

Trim to the Max

RedMax has introduced three MaxTorque trimmers: the BCZ2450T, BCZ2650T and BCZ3050T. The trimmers have a cutting power range from 8,000 RPM to 11,000 RPM and are equipped with the MaxClean air filtration system and MaxComfort control grips, as well as the MaxSpeed Loader twist and load trimmer head and Strato-Charged engine.

Stay Cool!

The “Wave” personal workspace cooler from Coolspace is built of corrosion-proof polyethylene and features thick edge coated pads, large wheels and a matted tap for tools and drinks. The “Wave” is available in a 10-inch prop fan model for low velocity quiet comfort, or a 12-inch high-velocity model.


The following company was inadvertently left out of our February Guide to Walk-Behind Mowers. We apologize for any confusion.

Here is the entry as it should have appeared:

Grass Packer

The Grass Packer grass catcher begins at an even height with the mower deck, and can be angled up to 6 inches aboveground at the rear so it doesn’t scrape the turf.

Upgrade Your ESP-LX

Rain Bird’s ET Manager Cartridge is a cost-effective way to upgrade their ESP-LX Modular Controller to an evapotranspiration (ET)/weather-based smart controller.

The ET Manager Cartridge upgrades new or existing ESP-LX Modular Controllers to use professional-grade smart weather technology by receiving hourly weather information from a local Weather Reach Signal Provider (WRSP). Using temperature, wind, solar radiation, humidity and rainfall information along with any site-specific settings, the ET Manager Cartridge automatically adjusts irrigation schedules accordingly. It also gives the controller the ability to display real-time weather conditions and log system activity, including the amount of water applied and the number of days watered.

Eliminate Litter

Broyhill’s VacMate has a spring arm-mounted suction hose and hose end wheel assembly. The wheel helps guide the suction hose as the driver directs it to the trash areas. It has a welded tubular steel frame construction and provides maximum riding comfort with a 1,500-pound payload capacity. The vacuum is self-contained with a rear access door and reusable refuse bag. It also has a high-velocity fan driven by a Honda 18 hp gas engine and the 8-inch suction hose is assisted by an electric power lift.

The VacMate is an attachment for the TerraSport CVT utility vehicle.

Fleet Management Made Easy

Navman Wireless Holdings has added real-time event alerting to its OnlineAVL2 fleet management software. The alerts provide managers instant notification of costly and potentially dangerous situations, so they can proactively address situations, improve business and productivity, minimize or avoid potential problems, and reduce or eliminate extra costs. The real-time alerting solution includes an idle alert to address efficient fuel use; stationary alert to signal vehicle inefficiency and provide data to increase productivity; and unauthorized use notification for vehicles operating during off-hours.

The real-time alerts feature is available on new product purchases and is accessible to current Navman Wireless customers as a free upgrade request or during the next scheduled automatic software update.