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A Cutting-Edge Edge Restraint

Oly-Ola Edgings, Inc.’s Teco-Edg is a 6-inch-high L-shaped edge restraint features specially engineered drainage slots and is ideal for green roof systems, permeable pavements, grass pavers, vertical green walls, turf and rubber surfaces, modular planting systems and gravel pathway installations.

Constructed of heavy-duty recycled PVC material, the Teco-Edg is available in rigid or flexible pieces and is designed with multipurpose stake holes and will help buildings qualify for LEED points. It is also available in a 4-by-4-inch size, as well as custom sizes.

For more information, go to www.tecoedg.com.

Diesel Model Added to Pro-Turn Line

Gravely has expanded its Pro-Turn 400 series with the addition of a diesel zero-turn mower with a 25 hp Kubota engine and choice of 60- or 72-inch deck.

The Pro-Turn units also feature a 13.4-gallon fuel capacity and large flat-free front tires. The seven-gauge fabricated and welded X-Factor Deck has an easy-to-operate deck-lift system, dial adjust height-of-cut system, and maintenance-free XL Spindles. The unit also has standard foldable ROPS, designated front and rear tie-down points, double-sided anti-scalp brackets, and heavy-duty side-discharge chute.

For more information, go to


Mowers in the FastCat Lane

BOB-CAT’s FastCat line of zero-turn mowers has new offerings, including new engine options in the FastCat RZ line and two new models in the FastCat Pro line.

The FastCat RZ now includes Kawasaki FR engines with choice of 52-inch deck with a Kawasaki FR651V engine or 61-inch deck with Kawasaki FR691 engine.

The FastCat Pro line now offers two larger deck models in addition to the 36-, 42- and 48-inch decks. The FastCat Pro 52 has a 52-inch side-discharge deck and Kawasaki FX691V engine, and the FastCat Pro 61 features a 61-inch side-discharge deck and Kawasaki FX730V engine. Both new models utilize canister air filtration and feature BOB-CAT’s DuraDeck with extreme discharge system, new patent-pending double wave baffle system, extra-wide discharge opening and molded rubber chute. A new custom seat eliminates vibration and prevents “topping out” and “bottoming out.”

For more information, go to www.bobcatturf.com.

Pick Rocks Kwikly

The KWIK-WAY Rotary Rock Picker fits on any skid loader with quick-attach plate and has a design that is modeled after the rotary combine. Made of heavy-duty steel and engineered with a patent-pending technology, with a simple scoop and spin, the rock is picked and cleaned. Tough rocks barely visible on the ground can be scooped up with debris and cleaned and moved to the designated work site.

To see it in action, visit www.kwmanufacturing.com.

Who’s the Bossman?

The Bossman PRO iPhone app features an easy-to-use interface and allows data to be organized into three main categories: maintenance jobs, repair jobs and landscaping jobs. The app can build a supply shopping list, email it to the supplier of choice, and keep track of all expenses. In addition, it features data export, invoicing, report wiz and ability to take and store images, which will allow ground maintenance pros to create customized reports and invoices.

From InQ Mobile Apps LLC, the app helps businesses become more organized, to keep track of jobs and employees, and better communicate with customers.

For details, go to www.bossmanapp.com.

Eco-Friendly Flexible Hose

Flex-Tube EF Eco-Friendly Flexible Hose from Venmark International is a medium-weight clear, coextruded polyolefin elastomer hose with a rigid green external polypropylene helix. An alternative to PVC, this hose features a smooth interior and the helix wear-strip is highly abrasion resistant.

Available in 2.5- to 10-inch sizes with .028-inch wall thickness (2.5- to 4-inch sizes), .30-inch wall thickness (5-inch size), and .035-inch wall thickness (6- to 10-inch sizes). Standard lengths available are 25- and 50-foot lengths, and the hose can be supplied plain or with cuffs. Operating over a minus 40-degree Fahrenheit to 225-degree Fahrenheit range, it has good chemical resistance and is also offered in wire-reinforced and flame-retardant versions.

For more information, visit www.flexaust.com.

Irrigation Data That is SpotOn

The SpotOn Catch Can Reader from Innoquest, Inc., is primarily intended for professional irrigation audits and distribution analyses. A specialized, hand-held electronic meter is used for semi-automatic catch can studies on irrigation systems. It can be used with all types of residential, commercial and agricultural broadcast type irrigation systems and quickly determines irrigation and spray nozzle performance. After cans are measured, the reader displays average irrigation in inches, average rate in inches per hour, and coefficient of variation. It also saves all the data, which can be downloaded to a computer and used to generate distribution maps with third-party software.

Go to www.SpotOnProducts.com for details.

No More Wasted Water

Rainforest Ecological Sprinklers from Contech Enterprises were designed to lower water consumption, even under the most-difficult growing conditions. The heart-shaped design breaks up water droplets to improve delivery to the rootzone and prevent water from being wasted in pools and runoff.

To combat other watering obstacles, the sprinklers operate at 20 to 80 PSI and won’t clog because they have only one moving part. The sprinklers provide even coverage up to an area of up to 2,000 square feet and can be used in sequence to extend their reach. Available in 11 styles and formats.

For more information, visit www.rainforestsprinklers.com.

Tranz-Form the Turf

The Tranz-Former roller from Salsco, Inc., is ideal for rolling greens, fairways and sports fields for contractors who also handle these green spaces.

The machine has a 114-inch effective rolling widths and features three 40-inch rolls floating independently of the car body, which allows it to smooth the turf surface. The unit has a transport speed of approximately 11 mph.

Details are available at www.salsco.com.