mgarn: This probably applies more to solo operations, but it’s open to anyone. I have always mowed first and edged, and then weedwhacked. I’m just curious of the order that everyone does it?

mowisme: I’m with you on this order. I think you’ll get a close percentage both ways on this, but I tend to think more do it in the order you mentioned. It will be interesting to hear. I know if a fence line is way overgrown I’ll trim that down first so the mower will chop it up to look better. But that usually is just a couple of times until it’s looking good. Usually this pertains to new accounts. Older accounts are already being trimmed each mow so there isn’t any tall grass there.

tannerbug: If it’s a bermuda lawn that I bag I will weedeat and edge first and then cut. I’ll blow all the clippings back into the yard so that I can bag them. That way when I’m done there are no clippings in the lawn. I don’t blow stuff out in the street for it to get washed down the storm drain. Local government frowns on that.

WenzelOSLLC: I’ve done both and 99 percent of the time it’s a wash as to which is faster. Like it was said above, if the edges are overgrown I trim first just so I can make it look better by chopping it up with the mower.

southernturfpros: First, 95 percent of all my lawns are warm-season turf (bermuda or zoysia). I always mow first, because I seem to get a much better end result. I don’t like running over my edge after it’s already edged. Also, I edge with my weedeater all the time so I weedeat and edge last, which also helps knock out grass clipping from the edge.

zackvbra: Edge, mow, trim, blow.

AMC32: This is the order I use, too. For new clients or biweeklies it chops up any overgrowth so it isn’t just lying on top of a nicely cut lawn

QLM: It all depends on job, season, type of turf and mower being used. Most times it is edge, trim, blow, mow and reblow. I use a full mulch kit for some of the season and an EZchute spring and summer. I always blow all leaves and clippings into the turf to be mulched, then blow the whole job down after mowing unless it is live oak leaf season.

Rob_In_MO: Edge, trim, mow, then blow most of the time.

redmax fan: When you edge first then ride over the edge with the mower you can mess up the clean edge, so we mow before edging. We mow first so then we only have to trim places the mower doesn’t get instead of having to guess and waste time over trimming. Then trim or edge, it doesn’t matter which. That’s our outlook anyway.

Richard Martin: Usually, I edge, trim, mow and then blow. Sometimes depending on conditions, I’ll blow then mow and finish up with another blow. Right now the Bahia is growing like crazy, so on some jobs I’m mowing before trimming. I’ll run around the perimeter of the lawn to get any Bahia stalks that are left on the lawn so it looks nice.

32vld: I like to edge first. The rest are all cutting/mowing grass. Trimming is done second because all the debris will get mowed over and it will disappear. If you mow first then trim, all the debris will just lay there on top of the lawn in plain sight. Yes, they can be blown away, though if you mow after you will not have to clean up the trimming mess.

I use a small mower to get the tight spots, then a larger mower to finish up. Then blow and go.

pseudosun: If I trim first I tend to trim too much. If I trim second, I just pick up what I missed with mower. So, I always trim second.

TPendagast: Me too. Plus on a two-man crew, the mower does the outside frame. The trim guy trims after the mower has gone around. Mower stripes, trimmer trims. When mower is done striping, he goes around the frame again to pick up the turn around marks and anything left by the trimmer.

When mowing weekly yards properly maintained on time, there really isn’t much “debris” left by the trimmer in the first place, unless you are strumming too much, or using the trimmer wrong.

I hate to edge long grass, so I would edge last (before blowing off).

XxGroundControlxX: How many people use a trim mower, as in a 21-inch? Edge, trim with trimmer, trim smaller areas with trim mower, then mow, then blow?

Rob_In_MO: Depends upon the yard. I have a couple with small trees and permanent yard decorations (bird bath, etc.) close enough to the house(s) that the 30-inch will not fit between them and the house, so I use a 21-inch first in that case.

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